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Thank you for choosing the Perinatal Health Equity Initiative, the hub for supporting Black mamas to THRIVE in pregnancy and beyond. 

Below you will find a list of our current course offerings. Please click each square to register for the class(es) that you are most interested in.  Slide scale fees apply to our class allowing us to meet the needs of all Black mamas. Please review and select the scale that best fits your needs.  Cost is never a barrier at PHEI.  If you are unable to pay our minimum fee please contact our team to request a scholarship at

Prices & Sliding Scales:

  • $25- Minimum class price
  • $50- Tier 3 Pricing
  • $75- Tier 2
  • $100 Tier 1-Full price
If you are unable to pay our minimum fee please contact our team to request a scholarship at
  • $100- Tier 4 (Minimum class price)
  • $200- Tier 3 
  • $350- Tier 2
  • $450 Tier 1 (Full price)
If you are unable to pay our minimum fee please contact our team to request a scholarship at

Check out our Classes

Work-It Back to Work Class

Work is a class that helps you prepare for your return to work and prepare your baby for daycare, as well as an introduction to bottles. We recommend introducing bottles 3-4 weeks postpartum.  Waiting too long can create challenges with the baby taking a bottle.

Bottle Feeding the Breastfed Baby

Did you know that there are bottles that work best for babies that are breastfeeding? This course teaches you how to select the right bottle for your baby as well as the technique for pace feeding so your transition to bottle feeding can be as smooth as possible.

Pump It Up

This course teaches mamas how to pump successfully. You will learn how to use your pump and strategies for building a milk supply and the proper way to store and transport your milk.

Drops of Love

Prenatal breastfeeding class is recommended to be taken between 32-36 weeks so you are well prepared for what to expect with getting your first latch after delivery. We also teach you how to avoid the booby traps many families experience delivering in the hospital. Your partner and other support person are encouraged to attend with you.

Safe Formula Prep

This class is to teach how to prepare infant formula safely. We recommend taking this class prenatally so you can prepare, especially if you plan to give powdered formula which is the least safe. All family members that will be involved in feeding the baby are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Mamas in Bloom

Mamas in Bloom is designed by and for Black women to improve pregnancy, birth, and infant outcomes in Essex and Union County NJ.

 Additional support is provided for families with preeclampsia/ hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and diabetes. 

Don’t miss out our Programs

Our programs are designed to restore JOY and ensure ZERO preventable maternal deaths using models that are designed by and for Black women.