Illuminate Black Maternal Health

Be an illuminator for NJ Black Maternal Health!

We believe in leading work that is guided by the voices of Black women. To drive change in New Jersey, we are looking for Black mothers with an interest in Maternal health to join our community research team to help with recruitment for research studies. We are looking for women of diverse incomes and geographic locations in New Jersey.

Current studies are focused on the following areas:

Illuminator Requirements:

  • Identify as a Black woman/birthing person
  • Must reside in the state of New Jersey
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Have an interest in improving Black maternal health
  • Attend 1 monthly progress meeting
  • Attend 1 onboarding training
  • 3 month commitment
  • Recruit 10-12 eligible research participants each month
    • Participants must meet eligibility requirements and enroll in the study to count towards numbers
    • Recruitment activities must include in person outreach


Illuminators will receive a monthly stipend upon $250 each month upon completing required deliverables.

Dr. Nastassia K. Harris, RN, DNP, IBCLC

Founding Executive Director
Our research will be led by Dr. Nastassia Harris.

Contact Us

You can email us at or call us at 862-298-2812.

Questions regarding this program can be directed to